Fellowship Bible Church offers Christian Education classes for all ages. These classes provide a way for individuals, couples and families to become connected to others in our church family!


Sunday School classes begin around 10:30 AM, and we offer a variety of classes each quarter. We usually have a sermon discussion class, a topical class, and sometimes offer courses related to marriage and parenting. Current class topics & locations can be found below!


Beginning August 27

Children's Sunday School

Preschool - 6th Grade 

Our Children's Sunday School classes use curriculum from Truth:78

The Preschool class meets in the nursery.

The Kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms are located in our West Basement.

The 6th grade class meets in Room 205. 


Middle School (7th-8th Grade)

Teacher: Eric Nicholson

Room 207

High School (9th-12th Grade)

Teacher: Pastor Shawn Allee

Youth Room (East Basement)

Adult Classes

Foundations of the Christian Faith

Teacher: Steve Brown

Room 203

This class is about discipleship, which is a big word that means learning to become more Christ-like. The class covers a new topic each week, so you can join at any time. It is for those new to Christianity as well as those who have attended church their whole lives. The goal is to help us mature in our spiritual journey.

"Read Through the Bible" Discussion Class

Facilitator: Doug Coniglio

Room 204

This class is reading through the Bible and discussing the reading each week. You can join at any time!

Just jump into the reading and get started. The reading schedule is linked below.

Bible Reading Schedule  

Sermon Discussion

These classes will discuss the current sermon. A great class to pop into if you are new to our church or new to attending Sunday School. There are two options:

Facilitator: Mike Broerman

Room 202

Facilitators: Nathan Johnson, Matt Walker

Room 201


Teacher: Dick Drost


This class is working their way through the book of Romans. You can also join this class at any time. 

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