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Todd & Pamala Price
Dr. Todd & Pamala Price have served with Pioneers since 1994, in Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary. They have seven children, Timothy (24), Jonathan (23), Elizabeth (20), Matthew (16), Kirsten (11), Daniel (7) and Ariela (3), and live in Budapest, Hungary. 

Pamala enjoys hosting guests in their home, teaching children, encouraging women and home schooling the children. Todd is the Training and Translation Coordinator for the Roma Bible Society and Roma Bible Union, to whom the Prices are seconded. Their passion is to see a Bible translation begun in the heart language of all Roma (Gypsies) in Europe and western Eurasia in the next 10 years. Todd’s BA and MA are in biblical languages and his PhD is in NT Greek and Corpus Linguistics.  Their desire is to make available free (open source, Creative Commons) resources to empower and expedite the translation of the Bible and discipleship materials for languages which still do not have them. 

They have previously served in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Hercegovina (located in Eastern Europe). Todd was leading a team of nationals and consultants, translating the Bible into modern, easy-to-read Bosnian, with explanatory footnotes. 

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