"Together, one passionate pursuit: to know Him and make Him known"
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" Life Group is just a blessing to my life, most of all, it is a joy to study the Scriptures and pray together and for each other. Fellow Life Groupers really get to know you. It sets up the trust that you have in each other. There is someone to turn to who understands you and your needs. Many people are really not looking for one more thing to do, but when we make time to socialize together it is so rewarding. "    Marilyn B.

" Lauren and I didn’t join a Life Group right away. We had the usual reasons: too busy, already busy with church, scheduling issues, etc.  Thankfully, people were persistent in asking us to join, and we eventually joined a group, and it has proven to be a great decision. It is so nice to meet in a small group of Christians and feel truly welcome and known. 
We have developed some great friendships and are increasing the 
amount of time we spend in study. We would recommend strongly that any member of FBC who is feeling unconnected to consider finding a 
Life Group to join – you’ll find that it’s worth it! "  Aaron & Lauren

"When the sign-up sheet went around for people to commit to a small group, Nathan and I passed it up thinking that our schedule was full enough with other church related comittments. It wasn't until Ben, a small group leader, called and asked us to join his group did that we agreed to add that to our weekly priorities. Needless to say, we have been attending our small group for over two years now and it has been such a blessing to our lives. Small groups allow people to develop closer relationships within the body of Christ. Not only can you bond over your unity in Christ, but you have a inner circle of believing friends that pray with you over needs, struggles and joys. You have other men and women that are trying desperately to walk faithfully, daily with the Lord and this gives you the encouragement and accountability in that walk. There is spiritual accountability, but also a chance to discuss parenting & discipline ideas, and even marital advice. All of these things make up the blessings of small group. I am so very glad that we were convinced to make it a part of our weekly routine. "  ~ Shannon J.

" I have been richly blessed by being in a small group. It’s a place where deeper connections have been made with other couples. Throughout the week we pray for each other, and encourage each other through emails, texts, or calls. My small group also challenges me to keep my relationship with my Father a priority. We memorize together, dig into the Word, and keep each other accountable by sharing our challenges and praying. We also have a lot of fun laughing, fellowshipping, and serving with one another. "  Jamie K. 

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