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Don & Sharon Lee
Don and Sharon Lee serve with 
REAP International based in 
Tennessee. They live and work in 
Memphis, Tennessee, where they 
are involved with several inner 
city ministries. They also travel 
to India as opportunities allow, training and ministering to people there.

Both Don and Sharon grew up in Christian homes and accepted Christ when they were children. While teenagers, they each felt the Lord calling them into foreign missionary service.  They met
while training with New Tribes Mission and married in August of 1978. They finished their training in January of 1980 and went to the Philippine Islands in 1981. 

They opened up the Agusan Manobo tribal work on the island of Mindanao and planted a church among them. They returned to the U.S. in 1990 to help care for Sharon's mother. During their time in the U.S., they ministered and gave leadership to churches in Chicago and Kentucky. In 1997, they went to Moscow, Russia where Don did administrative work and later pastored the International Baptist Fellowship, and Sharon taught Bible at Hinkson Christian Academy. In 2002, they took a two year medical furlough, and in 2004 they went to Bangalore, India to teach and give leadership in Bible colleges and seminaries, work among call center workers and those who work for international companies as well as working with Radiance a house church movement. They joined New Hope International in 2006. Then, in 2011, they moved to Memphis to minister in the inner city. They routinely travel to India to continue ministering there as opportunities allow.  They joined REAP International in 2017.

The Lee's have four adult children and several grandchildren.
Memphis Inner City Ministry & Work in India

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