"Together, one passionate pursuit: to know Him and make Him known"
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To communicate a true understanding of Jesus Christ and God's Word in an atmosphere of love so that others will respond to Him and lives will be changed to reach their full potential in Christ.

The Women's Ministry strives for balance with three areas of ministry: Spiritual/Discipleship, Service and Outreach.

Fall 2021 Bible Studies
The registration deadline was September 5. 
Please call the church office with questions.

Sunday Morning Schedule:
Worship Service - 9:00 AM
In-Person and Online

Genesis 12-25 Study
Tuesday or Thursday Mornings - 9:00 AM
beginning September 14 (*see below)
Leader: Kitty De Ronde
Childcare will be available Tuesday mornings only, if enough interest

This is an inductive study of the book of Genesis, Chapters 12-25. The textbook will be the Bible itself, with Bible study sheets to help record what is learned. You can either print 
out the pages yourself here, or we 
can print out the pages for you (in 
that case the cost is $5). Let us know 
what option you prefer and make 
sure you bring your own 3-ring binder.
*There is a two-week orientation for 
new attenders or those who want a 
refresher. If needed, the orientation
will be September 14 & 21, with the
actual study beginning September 28 and 30. If orientation is not needed, the studies will begin September 14 & 16. Each session will last 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Feel free to bring a friend! The registration deadline was September 5. Please call the church office with questions.

Bible Study Testimonial:

Blessing or Cursing? Life or Death? You Choose - 
A Study of the Book of Deuteronomy
Tuesday Evenings - 6:30 PM
beginning September 14 
Leader: BethAnne Stevens

Moses led the people faithfully for forty years. 
They are now ready to enter the land of promise,
 and through Moses God tells His children how to 
live in that land. Discover what God expects of 
believers and how we should live as His children 
in the world today. This nine-week study will 
begin September 14. The cost for the workbook
is $18. The registration deadline was September 5.
Please call the church office with questions. 

After just completing the Genesis Chapters 1-11 Inductive Bible Study, I can honestly say I’ll never look at God’s Word the same again. The Bible tells us the “Big Story” of God in a thousand smaller stories, from Genesis to Revelation. By just reading these stories, one can learn about our God, His promises, His instructions, etc. However, when you study inductively [in-depth studying] you learn hidden truths you’d never glean from just reading through a small story, and those truths lead you to a greater understanding of how awesome and powerful our God truly is! For example, I never dreamed studying a genealogy chapter [that I used to skip over] could ever teach me so much. You’ll be blessed immensely by this class. 
-Recent Study Participant