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Randy & Shari Hepner
Randy and Shari Hepner have served with Campus Crusade for Christ for 20+ years. Shari was born and raised in Oskaloosa and came to know Jesus through a VBS at FBC. She is the sister of Tim Westercamp. Their 20+ years of service with CCC has involved a ministry of evangelism and discipleship around the world. They were the first long term missionaries with CCC sent to Lithuania in the 1990’s. Their current position is at CCC’s International Headquarters (Lake Hart) where they direct a ministry called Lake Hart Stint. This one-year program allows 
both US missionaries serving overseas and in the US, as well as national missionaries to be refreshed. This happens in an environment of growth and development, and the goal is they the missionaries may be renewed in their passion for the Lord and the Great Commission, and further resourced in order to be an effective laborer in the harvest field. 

Proverbs 27:24 says, “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.” Seeing missionaries as a valued resource, Randy and Shari seek to know the condition of the missionaries they care for, give them careful attention, and send them back into the field ready for a lifetime of ministry.
Campus Crusade for Christ International Headquarters

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